If you are thinking of listing your home, there are several key factors which Frank considers essential, to enable us to help you achieve the best possible price for your home and attract the widest audience so that we are in position where we can carefully hand pick the best buyer for you. Equally, this then puts you in a strong position to secure your onward purchase, completing the home moving plan! Step one, together we set a goal we need to achieve by your photo shoot day, this goal will involve streamlining your home and de-cluttering personal effects whilst still keeping functionality for you and your family on a day to day basis. We can all be guilty of acquiring far too many possessions which can cause our homes to become cluttered, but even the smallest de-clutter can help your home feel fresh and spaces appear more usable. This is why pre-launch prep is key to help us achieve your expectations regarding your sale price and quite often proven, surpassed! 

All part of the service from Frank, we know how important a move can be to everyone but also how daunting the prospect can seem, that’s why an honest approach is key but also means it can be really fun and quite exciting! In our experience, some of our clients have been amazed at the results just a little clear out can achieve, some in fact then wanted to stay!! All fun aside though, it really is a key element to showcasing your home in its best light, presenting your home with as much versatility as possible and highlighting the best features. Over the years (and even to this day) I am known to be shocked and in some cases appalled by the laziness by the presentation of some properties which are launched to the market by the listing agent, equally the standard of photography leaves a lot to be desired from some agents (no names mentioned).

The perfect balance is what we look to achieve for you, we don’t want to go too mad resulting in bare minimalism which feels overly clinical, we look to curate a warm environment which eludes an aspirational lifestyle which compliments your home. In other words, lets stash away all the less attractive daily essentials and display your favourite possessions within beautifully arranged collections. Potential buyers will appreciate your efforts and it will make you feel happy too. Once the little things are tackled try and take a step back and examine every room carefully, does that extra coffee table need to be there or would the room feel bigger without it? Freeing up floor space can make such a difference and gives a better illusion of space in general around your home as does thoughtfully placed mirrors. In bedrooms, try and keep bedding as neutral as possible otherwise it can appear quite ‘busy’ when photographed and ensure that it is neatly ironed and presented with bedside tables clear. There is no end of the perfect bed inspiration online, but The White Company are infamous on ‘how to get a bed right’.

Then there’s that little ‘to do’ list, we all have them and we have all said that famous quote, “I’ll get that done this week”, then it just never happens…!! Well now is the time, TO DO IT! Some viewers have a habit of getting quite up close and personal, so it’s worth tidying up as many last details as possible. First impressions are also quite important, someone once told me that once arriving at a property any potential buyer will have decided within the first 10 seconds if it is a contender or not and I believe this to be quite true. So de-weed the front garden and driveway, clean away any cobwebs around the front door, ensure the door bell works (if you have one) and that the front approach is generally clear, tidy and free from any un-necessary items. If your front door needs a freshen up, now is the time to get that job done too… 

For ‘shoot day’, I always suggest some beautiful fresh flowers to stage your home, choose something that compliments your colour scheme but avoid anything too seasonal, for example Daffodils will ‘timestamp’ your marketing, so it will be obvious to buyers when your home may have launched to the market. If you have a cottage then a hand-tied bunch of country garden flowers will look perfect or for something more modern, lush white and soft pink Roses with Eucalyptus is a stylish nod to the current trend. Fresh herbs in the kitchen always add a little pop to photos as does a well stocked fruit bowl and lush house plants in the bathroom tend to add a little warmth and brightness.

Essentially, you can prepare as much or as little as you feel necessary, but with very Frank listing we are here to help you prepare and decide what individual touches will make an invaluable difference to your marketing.